ECLECTIA creates luxury resort garments by blending several natural fabrics. Most of the fabrics are also hand woven with the traditional weaving technics and thus maybe subject to light defects. 
We guarantee all ECLECTIA designs are handmade to the finest quality. However for very delicate fabrics such as linen gauze , some damage may occur over time based on the usage and way of treatment by the end customer.
ECLECTIA garments should NOT be treated as industrial mass production items. They should rather be treated as unique handmade creations that enrich your wardrobe.Treat them with care and they will last forever.  
All our products can be washed in washing machine at cold water programs without any problem. But the ideal care we recommend  is to gentle hand wash them.
For dyed garments a great tip is to add some vinegar while hand washing them. In this way the original color of the garment will be preserved and will stay vivid without fading away. 
ECLECTIA creations are extremely versatile garments.
Try to experiment adding them accessories like pins and belts in order to have various different looks every time.


In case that you will need a repair on a damage that may occur in time, please feel free to send as a photograph of the item that needs a repair and we will be more than happy to assist you. 
In garments that include light linen gauze, some times the fabric on the stitches may be slightly torn apart if overstretched. 
This is not a defect but its rather due to the delicate nature of the fabric.
Please send us an email at in order to provide you with all necessary guidelines in order to repair your garment in the best possible way. 
For any assistance we are here for you. 
Customer Care